On the Trend with Larry Madowo

In this candid chat, award winning journalist Larry Madowo gets the scoop on two RECON-Digital projects. Gatumia shares about struggles, successes and failures of “Spotkick Challenge” a casual game app developed at RECON-Digital. The occasion was also the moment when the teaser for “Concord”, an animated science fiction show currently in development at RECON-Digital, was premiered on live Kenyan TV.

Special thanks to Larry Madowo and the #theTrend crew.

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N.B: Please note that we have stopped work on the Spotkick Challenge project until further notice. Thanks to our 50,000+ users for your participation. It was great FUN!

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CNBC Looks at Broadcast Film Music Africa 2014

BFMA is East Africa’s largest annual media and entertainment conference attracting more than 2,500 professionals from the creative communities. CNBC talked with various delegates, among them Steve Njuguna, an animator who trained and worked at RECON-Digital, who shared some interesting thoughts on the state of animation in Africa.

Special thanks to Meredeth Beal.

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Career Day Blues

Here’s another instalment of Domestic Disturbance entitled, “Career Day Blues”. As the day for Junior to “discuss” his career choice with Dad’s friends comes closer, he is still firmly undecided and seriously stressed out. For some the choice about what path to follow seems so clear, while for others it’s just not that simple.

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Driving Test

In Kenya, where our driving tests are conducted by Police Officers, it’s not hard to imagine what a fearful event it can all be for candidates going to do their test. But for one youth about to do his test, in a bizarre turn of events, an unexpected guest examiner shows up and the driving test takes a very strange “course”.

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Africa’s Next Top Poet

Apprentice Short Film

The search for Africa’s Next Top Poet is on! Auditions are taking place and for those brave enough to face the panel of distinguished judges, semantic stardom could be just round the corner. It’s the chance of a lifetime! One young aspirant is about to deliver the Desiderata like you’ve never heard it before. Come joins us as we seek to discover Africa’s Next Top Poet!

Desiderata by Max Ehrmann
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Animation Apprentice Programme

African Animation Apprentice RECON-Digital

The inaugural RECON-Digital Animation Apprentice program came to an end on November 30th 2012. But back in March 2012, at the beginning of a 9 month Animation Apprenticeship, who knew what would come of a handful of aspiring animators and their first time instructor. Well, the fruits of this initiative are apparent in the 7 short films developed over the course of the training exercise.

RECON-Digital is a Kenyan animation studio carving out a niche for itself as a studio telling African stories for Africa and the World. The Animation Apprenticeship Programme was set up to identify, train and retain talented individuals to work with RECON-Digital in achieving its quest to become the most respected name in African Animation. During the apprenticeship, a small group of young Kenyans trained in character animation for 9 months under Gatumia Gatumia, of one of Kenya’s leading animators.

We believe that entertainment and indeed animation in particular have huge growth potential in Africa. We expect that as demand for more original African content increases, RECON-Digital will work to establish a strong presence in the Animation sector.

We will announce subsequent Training Programmes as and when they are confirmed.

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On the Bench with Jeff Koinange

Renowned personality, and award winning journalist, Jeff Koinange, interviews RECON-Digital’s Gatumia Gatumia. In this engaging encounter, thoughts on African Animation and various related issues are discussed with some trademark “Jeff Koinange” exuberance. Sit back and enjoy this episode of… the Bench.

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