CNBC Looks at Broadcast Film Music Africa 2014

BFMA is East Africa’s largest annual media and entertainment conference attracting more than 2,500 professionals from the creative communities. CNBC talked with various delegates, among them Steve Njuguna, an animator who trained and worked at RECON-Digital, who shared some interesting thoughts on the state of animation in Africa.

Special thanks to Meredeth Beal.

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Career Day Blues

Here’s another instalment of Domestic Disturbance entitled, “Career Day Blues”. As the day for Junior to “discuss” his career choice with Dad’s friends comes closer, he is still firmly undecided and seriously stressed out. For some the choice about what path to follow seems so clear, while for others it’s just not that simple.

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Driving Test

In Kenya, where our driving tests are conducted by Police Officers, it’s not hard to imagine what a fearful event it can all be for candidates going to do their test. But for one youth about to do his test, in a bizarre turn of events, an unexpected guest examiner shows up and the driving test takes a very strange “course”.

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Two Old

Apprentice Short Film.

Alex and Gee, residents at the Never Say Die Retirement Home, are fierce rivals and when Alex disrespects Gee, they engage in a struggle of truly geriatric proportions. Their escapades may just shed some light into the question, “What do old people do when nobody is watching?”

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Africa’s Next Top Poet

Apprentice Short Film

The search for Africa’s Next Top Poet is on! Auditions are taking place and for those brave enough to face the panel of distinguished judges, semantic stardom could be just round the corner. It’s the chance of a lifetime! One young aspirant is about to deliver the Desiderata like you’ve never heard it before. Come joins us as we seek to discover Africa’s Next Top Poet!

Desiderata by Max Ehrmann
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The Right to Dignity and Safety – UNICEF Kenya

This animated Public Service Communication was created for UNICEF Kenya as part of the 2009 international celebrations to mark the 20th anniversary since the establishment of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC).

The film tries to capture what it is sometimes like to be a child using the matatus which are a major part of the Kenyan public transport system. Children using public transport are often discriminated against and mistreated. Furthermore, they are often exposed to obscene behaviour and media content.

Children have a right to be protected from this and other similar plights.

Though the issues raised are disturbing, we are hopeful that through the work of UNICEF and other concerned individuals and groups, a lot of progress continues to be made in advocacy and protection of Children all around the world.

© UNICEF – Kenya

Producer: Fiyuhworks Ltd.
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